Busy times for Portland Rider as 2023 gets underway.

Radio play, back to the studio, interviews and fun – all the latest from Portland Rider.

The band have been busy promoting all the latest tracks from their new album, Roadside Attractions – most recently having played an hour long live set on WOS.nl. The latest Portland Rider song, Sinister Document, was released this week and has already become Song of the Week on several radio stations, including the Magpie Mix of the Week.

In the meantime, the Portland Rider gang are so thankful for their friends and fans for continuing to support them. Check out the latest track from Sinister Document from Portland Rider below:


Happy Halloween from Portland Rider

With the spooky season officially upon us, Portland Rider are delighted to share their musical offering for your listening pleasure!

Here is our Halloween song, Golden Palace by Portland Rider. Let us know in the comments what you think. But above all – have a happy Halloween!

Golden Palace by Portland Rider

Recovery from Covid: How Portland Rider is bouncing back

Like so many bands, Portland Rider was greatly impacted by the restrictions during Covid lockdowns. Now that restrictions are lifted and life is returning to normal, find out how Portland Rider have been re-emerging onto the music scene.

For two long years, venues sat empty, music remained unplayed, audiences went without entertainment. However, as we all know, 2022 brought about an end to lockdowns, restrictions and distancing. Whilst this was welcome news to almost everybody – hermits and introverts, we empathise with your pain – it was especially welcome to bands.

Photo by Tuur Tisseghem on Pexels.com

Portland Rider was lucky enough that all band members and their loved ones remained safe and well. We were also blessed to have all the equipment we needed at our disposal to write songs, record demos and brainstorm remotely. This meant that the moment lockdown restrictions were lifted or relaxed, even temporarily, we raced to the studio and got to work. Within a year of working on and off, we had made our album Roadside Attractions.

Angelique and Rick from Portland Rider looking happy in the studio.
Angelique and Rick from Portland Rider looking happy in the studio.

Back in action

Now that venues, events, studios and radio stations are back open again, Portland Rider are also ready to get to work. So far, Portland Rider has been incredibly lucky to be chosen as Song of the Week on several national radio stations, including WOS in the Netherlands and Chat and Spin and Unsigned Radio in the UK. During Summer 2022, Portland Rider also made it to the airwaves in Germany and Belgium amongst others.

Thanks to the fans of our music

Our successes so far remain firmly in the hands of the fans of our music. And for that, Portland Rider will be eternally grateful. Without listeners to hear us, do we even exist? Perhaps that is a discussion for another day. Today is to thank everyone who has supported us thus far and to say how excited we are for the future. Now that we can…..let’s party together!

What’s next for Portland Rider?

Our latest track “Night People” has gained a lovely following across the European airwaves, following in the footsteps of our previous releases. As a result, Portland Rider are preparing for a radio tour in the Netherlands. This will see the band playing live in various radio studios, as well as feature interviews with the band members. So if you like old-school rock ‘n’ roll and would love to hear us tweak our sound for the airwaves, be sure to stay up to date with all the latest band news right here. You can also follow us on social media – links below – for quick and dirty updates on your favourite Dutch/Irish Americana rock ‘n’ roll band!

Stay up to date with all our music releases and appearances by checking out the Portland Rider blog and website. To check out Portland Rider’s music, visit our music page below or find us on (almost) all streaming platforms available today. Your support means the world to us!

Hitting the UK airwaves: Portland Rider features on Unsigned Radio.co.uk’s Talent Vault Show

This week, Portland Rider will be featured twice daily on Brit radio station Unsigned Radio.co.uk.

Portland Rider featured on the Talent Vault Show, Unsigned Radio.co.uk

Portland Rider have the honour of being featured on Unsigned Radio.co.uk‘s daily Talent Vault Show, presented by Mike Evans. Streaming live every day at 6am and 6pm GMT, the Talent Vault Show is THE place to listen to and discover unsigned and independent acts.

Unsigned Radio.co.uk are an online station dedicated to showcasing independent artists that “produce and promote their own music without the backing of major record labels”. We are grateful that they’ve added Portland Rider to their line-up!

As if that news was not good enough, “The Road is Calling” has also been chosen to be featured on their daily show, Mike’s Lucky Dip. For the coming four weeks, Portland Rider’s will join a diverse selection of genres on random rotation – so you never know what’s coming next!

Portland Rider (l-r: Angelique, Jeffrey, Rick, Izzy)

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Check out Izzy Power in the Portland Rider studio!

While the band is busy with the final album prep, here is something from Portland Rider to whet your whistle.

In advance of the release of Roadside Attractions – the debut album from Portland Rider – the band prepared a little treat for you. Recently, we caught up with Izzy Power, our lead vocalist, during the recording of “Love and Affection”.

Portland Rider’s much-anticipated debut album Roadside Attractions was recorded with great patience during the 2020-2021 lockdowns. As often as was permitted, the band met to work on and record every aspect of the album themselves.

Izzy Power sings “Love and Affection”

To sate your appetite, here is a sneak preview of Izzy Power singing his lungs out in the studio during the recording of “Love and Affection”. He truly is the “one-take” master!

Izzy Power during the recording session for “Love and Affection”.

Stay tuned for more

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The Road is Calling by Portland Rider – Listen to the debut single now!

Portland Rider is a Dutch-based band whose repertoire of original songs include pop, rock, indie, folk rock and Americana.
An old-fashioned 1970's camper van drives down an empty road surrounded by desert and sandy-coloured rocky mountains.

The Road is Calling

The debut track from Portland Rider’s first album – Roadside Attractions – has been launched. Their new track, The Road is Calling, is available on all the major music streaming sites. Check out the list below and stay tuned for updates as they happen.

Listen to The Road is Calling here

Amazon Music

Radio Debut: The Road is Calling by Portland Rider on WOS.nl

Tonight, Friday 11th February, the debut single from Portland Rider’s new album – The Road is Calling – will make its radio debut on the WOS.nl programme, Stage. Tune in this evening from 20:00 (CET) and keep your ears peeled for the WOS ‘Song of the Week’.

When: Friday, 11th February 2022 @ 20:00 CET

What: The Road is Calling by Portland Rider has been voted Song of the Week by WOS.nl.

Where: https://wos.nl/popup/radio/livestream – Stage on WOS Live!

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Listen now on…



New Release: The Road is Calling by Portland Rider

We are at a turning point. Corona is almost gone. Freedom is in sight. That’s why Portland Rider has recorded a new song of hope and freedom. We hope you enjoy!

The Road is Calling

You can check out “The Road is Calling, the lastest release from Portand Rider, on the following platforms: Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, NRK, Vero, Pandora, Shazam, Napster, Last FM, MiguMusic, Tidal, Qobuz, iHeartRadio, TDCplay, GoogleMusic, Tesla, GraceMusic, SiperPlayer, SifyAfrica, RedTouchMedia, BuzzAngle, AWA, and Dubnet Media.

Stay tuned to local radio stations around the Randstad region or via internet radio and you will be sure to hear it played. Follow us below to keep up to date on all the places you can find “The Road is Calling”.

Our new track “The Road is Calling” will be available on our upcoming album Roadside Attractions.

Carpe Diem!
Warm Greetings from the Portland Rider gang.

Seasons Greetings from Portland Rider

This holiday season, Portland Rider want to wish you a Merry Christmas in a very special way.

Christmas 2021 is going to be another quiet year for most people. With pandemics still raging and lockdowns looming, we all need to focus on the joy of the holiday season as much as possible. Well, fear not! Portland Rider have done their part to bring a little bit of Christmas joy to you this year.

Without further ado, Portland Rider proudly presents their offering of seasonal joy – Christmas Song.

Christmas Song is available on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, and many more. You will also catch Christmas Song on your local Randstad radio station this holiday.

Christmas Song by Portland Rider on YouTube

Christmas Song by Portland Rider on Spotify

New Album Coming Soon!

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