Seasons Greetings from Portland Rider

This holiday season, Portland Rider want to wish you a Merry Christmas in a very special way.

Christmas 2021 is going to be another quiet year for most people. With pandemics still raging and lockdowns looming, we all need to focus on the joy of the holiday season as much as possible. Well, fear not! Portland Rider have done their part to bring a little bit of Christmas joy to you this year.

Without further ado, Portland Rider proudly presents their offering of seasonal joy – Christmas Song.

Christmas Song is available on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, and many more. You will also catch Christmas Song on your local Randstad radio station this holiday.

Christmas Song by Portland Rider on YouTube

Christmas Song by Portland Rider on Spotify

New Album Coming Soon!

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The official site of Portland Rider, a Dutch-based band whose repertoire of original songs include Pop, Rock, Indie, Folk Rock and Americana.

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