Portland Rider singles

Night People

Released: August 2022

Frozen Plans

Released: May 2022

The Road is Calling

Released: Feb 2022

Ways to listen…

Portland Rider is available on all the best streaming services. Not only that, you can also hear Portland Rider on a whole host of European radio stations. Here are a few links to get you started.


Roadside Attractions

Album coming soon! Roadside Attractions will be available in 2023.

Portland Rider began recording at the beginning of 2020. All work was carried our in-house, with Rick and Jeffrey mixing, mastering and producing all the songs for the album. The recording of 20 songs took quite a long time, because everyone also has a day job, but especially due to the Corona pandemic over the past two years.

In the end, 15 songs for the album were mixed and mastered in late 2021. All the members are looking forward to Roadside Attractions being published in 2023.

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