Check out Izzy Power in the Portland Rider studio!

While the band is busy with the final album prep, here is something from Portland Rider to whet your whistle.

In advance of the release of Roadside Attractions – the debut album from Portland Rider – the band prepared a little treat for you. Recently, we caught up with Izzy Power, our lead vocalist, during the recording of “Love and Affection”.

Portland Rider’s much-anticipated debut album Roadside Attractions was recorded with great patience during the 2020-2021 lockdowns. As often as was permitted, the band met to work on and record every aspect of the album themselves.

Izzy Power sings “Love and Affection”

To sate your appetite, here is a sneak preview of Izzy Power singing his lungs out in the studio during the recording of “Love and Affection”. He truly is the “one-take” master!

Izzy Power during the recording session for “Love and Affection”.

Stay tuned for more

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