Hitting the UK airwaves: Portland Rider features on Unsigned Radio.co.uk’s Talent Vault Show

This week, Portland Rider will be featured twice daily on Brit radio station Unsigned Radio.co.uk.

Portland Rider featured on the Talent Vault Show, Unsigned Radio.co.uk

Portland Rider have the honour of being featured on Unsigned Radio.co.uk‘s daily Talent Vault Show, presented by Mike Evans. Streaming live every day at 6am and 6pm GMT, the Talent Vault Show is THE place to listen to and discover unsigned and independent acts.

Unsigned Radio.co.uk are an online station dedicated to showcasing independent artists that “produce and promote their own music without the backing of major record labels”. We are grateful that they’ve added Portland Rider to their line-up!

As if that news was not good enough, “The Road is Calling” has also been chosen to be featured on their daily show, Mike’s Lucky Dip. For the coming four weeks, Portland Rider’s will join a diverse selection of genres on random rotation – so you never know what’s coming next!

Portland Rider (l-r: Angelique, Jeffrey, Rick, Izzy)

Find your favourite way to follow Portland Rider below and stay up-to-date with all the latest news and music from the band.


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The official site of Portland Rider, a Dutch-based band whose repertoire of original songs include Pop, Rock, Indie, Folk Rock and Americana.

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